Current Conditions at Weather Station EW0157
West Milford, New Jersey 07480

Current Forecast
The current Temperature is 15.2F with a Wind Chill of 15.2F at 8:29am.

The current Humidity is 92% and the Barometer is 29.874in and is Steady.

Solar Radiation is 70W/m with a UV index of 0.0.

Moon Phase : New Moon

Forecast : Increasing clouds with little temperature change.

Date on the Station: 01/23/20 Time on the Station: 8:29a
Sunrise Time: 7:16a Sunset Time: 5:03p
Moon Phase : New Moon

Current Outside TemperatureCurrent Outside HumidityCurrent Outside DewpointCurrent Barometer

Current Wind ChillCurrent THW IndexCurrent Outside Heat IndexToday's RainYearly Total Rain

Current Wind Direction  Current Wind Speed

Outside Temp History  Barometer History

15.2 F
92 %
13.3 F
E at 0.0 mph
29.874  in & Steady
Today's Rain
0.00  in
Yearly Rain
0.78  in
Wind Chill
15.2 F
THW Index
15.1 F
Heat Index
15.1 F
Highs and Lows

High Temperature

Low Temperature

19.6 F   at   12:27a

12.9F  at    7:31a

High Humidity

Low Humidity

92 %    at   8:25a

89 %   at   12:00a

High Dewpoint

Low Dewpoint

17.0 F   at   12:00a

10.0 F  at   7:03a

High Wind Speed

0.0 mph   at   ----

Low Wind Chill

13.0 F   at   6:35a

High Heat Index

20.0 F   at   12:00a